Alpaqua® Low Elution Magnet Plate 

SKU: A000350
Alpaqua® Low Elution Magnet
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Elute in as Little as 8µL


The LE Magnet Plate is designed for automated pipetting of 96-well PCR plates when elution volumes need to be kept at a minimum to ensure the highest possible product concentration.


This plate allows you to elute in as little as 8-10 µl. The LE Magnet Plate contains a unique plate docking structure and is designed for use with a variety of 96-well PCR plates.

Premium features
Premium features

Use the LE Magnet Plate when your starting material is limited, but your workflow requires a minimum product concentration. Elute in just 8-10 µl and skip the SpeedVac step!

Despite the smaller magnets, the full working volume of the plate can be utilized.

Maximize product concentration
Minimize reaction volume
Spring Cushion Technology for easy automation
SBS footprint for liquid handler compatibility
Compatible with a broad range of PCR plates
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